10 Successful Steps Manufacturer Of Silicon Wafers Follow

One of the many advantages of this successful ten step process is that customers will always be achieving cost saving through a set of procedures that allow them to reclaim their reject wafers a few times over. The silicon wafer manufacturer has ten procedural steps in mind. With fast turnarounds of no more than a day, here they are.

The manufacturer has the ability to produce several thousand silicon wafers in a single work day. And once the goods are produced, reclaimed or brand new, they’ll be shipped to any port in the world, or any air terminal of the client’s choosing in terms of local operating destination. A tight ship is being run too in terms of cost containments and a centralized inventory control system.

Wafer strip and reclaim procedures thus run as follows. First, the goods will be received. Wafers will be collected from the customers after which an incoming inspection will be carried out. After wafers are counted, a process of presorting will commence. This is done to prepare wafers for film removal. Stripping schedules have to be put together for wafers that have multiple layers. A strip and etch process, this entails chemical processing work that removes existing patterns and films, is followed by a first QA process.

At least two further quality control or quality assurance tests will be conducted before the final wafer final leaves the production process. Polishing work informs the sixth step. Low removal polishing technology ensures that only a few microns will be removed. After polishing work is completed, phases of spin cleaning, rinsing and drying will commence. During these cleaning phases, all remaining particles will be removed.

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Finally, after all work is completed, wafers will be vacuum packed, ready for shipping.