Spray & Deaerated, Then Spray & Cook?

The spray and cook canister – it is a smallish hand-held metal container (now easy to puncture once exhausted) has got to be one of the most innovative inventions to hit supermarket shelves in the last fifty years or so. Instead of pouring oil into a frying pan or cooking pot to heat for cooking purposes, you just ‘spray and cook’. Just think how sustainable this domestic and commercial cooking technique has been for many households and back of restaurant kitchens.

But long before any commercial or domestic (processed) foodstuffs can be warehoused and packed onto supermarket shelves, another industrial innovation needs to run its course. It is one of a number of processes, all dependent on what type of processed food product (or any other type of perishable product for that matter) needs to be cleanly prepared.  A standard or custom built spray type deaerator will be used.

spray type deaerator

Or depending on the product design, manufacture and process, the alternative tray type deaerator will be utilized. Because of the characteristic nature of the processed food materials and the shape and size that many finished (food) products must take, you may find that the latter tray type deaerator will be utilized. For much larger commercial and industrial use products (think further manufacturing and processing work) the spray type deaerator will be utilized.

Further, do to products’ esthetic and physical characteristics, and in both instances, custom design of either spray type or tray type deaerators may be preferred by discerning and profit driven industrialists. A specialist team of design and manufacture technicians or engineers will walk through the process of the custom design with the commercial client. Alternatively, upon collating the customer’s intentions or processing and/or manufacturing requirements, a pre-prepared spray or tray deaerator may be suggested.